Brand-New Ford Ranger Raptor Totaled by Dealer Employee With Drink in Hand

It’s not every day you take delivery of a brand-new, nearly $45,000 Ford Ranger Raptor, and it must be a pretty exciting feeling. (Soon, Americans might know that feeling, too, when the off-road-ready Ranger Raptor finally makes it Stateside.) Unfortunately for one unlucky owner, a dealership employee on an off-road joy ride in South Africa stole that moment for themselves and ended up totaling the brand-new pickup before it could be delivered.

The news comes to us from South African website, which featured images of the totaled white Ford Ranger Raptor that rolled in the crash. A video uploaded to That’s My Car on YouTube apparently shows the inside of the cabin during the big crash:

The video shows a packed cab of joy riders, the front passenger and driver each enjoying a iced beverage held in one hand. Of course, the drink holding does not seem wise for the driver while also steering over the off-road terrain, as we soon learn. It’s unclear what everybody was drinking, but we can use our imaginations based on the results. The driver bombs down a muddy road through some big puddles before cutting through a field, where the truck apparently rolled at least once, ending up on its side.

The video then cuts to the occupants inside the crashed truck, one of them looks into the camera and simply shakes his head in apparent disapproval. From the magazine: “CAR Magazine has been told that the owner was only made aware of the bakkie’s condition after calling in to announce that he would be collecting it.” We can’t imagine how that phone call went.

It’s unclear how or why video of the crash ended up online as well (who uploads video of themself crashing?), but we hope it serves as a lesson to anyone who might be tempted to take someone else’s ride for a unexpected journey. It’s also a great lesson in just how quickly distracted off-road driving can become dangerous, regardless of what’s in your hand.

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