Brabus Gives Mercedes-Benz EQC Power And Torque Bump

It’s not that much more powerful, but the torque gain is significant

Brabus is a well known name in the world of souped up Mercedes-Benz models – they do everything from the tiny Smart car all the way to the big GLS SUV. Now they’ve tackled their first all-electric vehicle from the Three Pointed Star, the EQC SUV, and their modifications certainly improve the vehicle’s sporting credentials.

The main thing Brabus has done to the EQC is boost its power and torque figures. The former rises from 402 to 416 horsepower, while the latter improves by a greater margin, rising from 760 Nm (560 pound-feet) to 830 Nm (612 pound-feet); these gains come courtesy of the Brabus E-PowerXtra kit, and the extra shove is only available when the vehicle is put in Sport mode.

With greater power and torque come improved performance numbers, and according to Brabus, the EQC’s sprint time from standstill to 100 km/h drops from the standard 5.1 seconds to 4.9 seconds. The modifications don’t increase its top speed, though, which remains 180 km/h (112 mph).

Brabus will also change the way the EQC looks, thanks to a set of new bumpers and side skirts, but as of right now, only the rear spoiler is ready (and visible on the vehicle in the official photos). It also features a cool wrap that drives the point that it is electric home, but we presume this is merely designed to make this poster vehicle for the new performance pack stand out more; it may or may not be available for customers to order.

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The wheels you see on the vehicle in the photos are already available, though, and they come in 20- or 21-inch sizes. As for the interior, if you’re familiar with Brabus, then you probably know the very wide scope for customization that the allows for – buyers can really go crazy, if they choose, or they can keep it low-key and close to factory specification.

All Brabus-tuned EQCs get B-branded, illuminated sill guards, as well as a different design for the digital instrument cluster, bespoke door lock pins and aluminum pedals. Pricing information has not yet been revealed because the E-PowerXtra kit is still being tested.

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