Boris Johnson attacks Sadiq Khan’s ‘mad’ ULEZ expansion

Boris Johnson labels Sadiq Khan's ULEZ plan 'mad'

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In a video posted to Twitter earlier today, former Prime Minister Boris Johnson slammed the plan to extend the Ultra Low Emission Zone, set to take place in August 2023. He warned that it will hit hardworking families and businesses in outer London with an “unfair tax grab”, taking aim at Sadiq Khan.

In the video, the former London Mayor said: “I know quite a lot about improving air quality in London. I brought in a lot more cycling. 

“I brought in new hybrid buses. I brought in green electric taxis and we got Nitrous Oxide down by 20 percent.

“We got PM10s, PM2.5s down by 15 percent and that was even before we brought in the ULEZ for inner London.

“You do not need an all-London emission zone, it’s inner London that has the air quality problem.”

The MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip also stated that he was supporting Hillingdon Council in their fight against the expansion.

The Council, alongside Bexley, Bromley and Harrow, have vowed to continue the fight against the ULEZ expansion.

Leaders of the four councils said the commitment to improve air quality in the capital is needed, but said the expansion will hammer the finances of drivers and businesses in outer London and the surrounding areas.

These four Conservative councils have refused to sign an agreement allowing cameras to be installed, and have launched the first step of legal action.

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Mr Johnson continued, claiming: “You don’t need an outer London emission zone in the way that Sadiq Khan is imposing one because by 2030 all new cars in this country will be much cleaner and greener anyway.

“There’s only one reason why he’s doing it and that is because he has bankrupted TfL by his mismanagement of finances of London.

“He wants to rake in money from motorists from London and beyond in a way that is completely unreasonable and unnecessary for air quality.

“So stop Khan’s mad ULEZ expansion plan. Fight the outer London ULEZ. 

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“Fight his plans to take money off hard press motorists at a very, very difficult time and stop this mad lefty tax on people’s lives and livelihoods.”

Many have cited public transport as being an issue for people in outer London as they do not have the reliability of trains and buses as the rest of the capital.

The leaders of the four councils stated that it would cost £270million to expand the ULEZ scheme on August 29, 2023.

They suggested that alternative methods were available which would not add to the financial burden on Londoners during the cost of living crisis.

Sadiq Khan has fired back at opponents of the ULEZ zone, saying he wanted to be “on the right side of history”.

The Mayor added: “We have introduced the biggest scrappage scheme in the history of this country that will support low income families, charities, sole traders and businesses transition from a polluting vehicle to one that is less polluting.”

“I recognise that in outer London, public transport is less good than in central London, so I have also announced the biggest expansion of buses in the history of our city,” he told the BBC.

He added that the Government had not given Transport for London any money to launch the zone, whereas Bath, Bristol and Birmingham had received funding for Clean Air Zones.

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