Bollinger E-Chassis Is World's First Class 3 Electric Platform

Says it’s the first and only electric Class 3 platform out there.

Bollinger Motors has officially taken the wraps off its E-Chassis. Pictured above in all its raw and brutal glory, they are calling it the first and only electric Class 3 platform. That is, there exists no other platform in this class designed from the ground-up to be powered by batteries. 

This being the same platform beneath its B1 SUV and B2 pickup truck, it could boast all the same features of those vehicles, including dual-motor all-wheel-drive, portal gear hubs, and a standard 120 kWh (optional 180 kWh) lithium battery. It is flexible, however, so it could also be configured as a front-wheel or rear-wheel-drive only, or come without those fancy hubs. Additionally, it meets Class 3 regulations, which are pretty much standard internationally.

Besides undergirding future Bollinger models, the platform will be available to other companies for their own vehicles. Responding to a query from InsideEVs, eponymous founder and CEO Robert Bollinger said that it could build the E-Chassis for customers in-house or even engage in international licensing. 

We are planning on offering the E-Chassis to other companies to build on. They would be fully responsible for their bodies and final vehicles. We would like to offer it both built (by us) or licensed. Would be great for international licensing as well since Class 3 is a nearly universal class and we’re homologating already for US, CA, EU, ECE standards.

With its low profile, the platform could be adapted to any number of body styles. Boasting as much as 614 hp and 668 ft-lb of torque, it is especially suited for customers who need powerful performance mixed with tremendous off-road capability. Or, for those who just want to save a bundle on development costs.

While no figure is given for the purchase of a standalone E-Chassis, the Bollinger B1 and B2, slated to begin production in 2021, come with a $125,000 price tag that underscores their hand-crafted nature. The E-Chassis, we assume, would likewise not be given away.

Check out the gallery below and let us know what you’d build on this platform in comments.

Gallery: Bollinger E-Chassis

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