Bobsla Replaces Snowmobiles And Combustion Engines With Electric Fun In The Snow

What about going sideways with full control of the rubber tracks on each side?

Which is the best way to have a good time on snow? A sled? A snowmobile? Staying in bed with your significant other? Joking aside, Sergey Ignatyev decided it was to mix a bobsled and a snowmobile, getting rid of the combustion engine. The result required him to move from Russia to Austria to develop what now is called Bobsla, an interesting (and apparently fun) electric vehicle for snowy landscapes.

If you guessed Bobsla is a mix of bobsled with Tesla, Ignatyev would be flattered, but that has nothing to do with the origin of the name.

“The story is different. When we started, we designed a kid’s sled that parents would not have to pull uphill. It later started to look like a bobsleigh. The website name “” was already taken in all possible variations, but was free. I checked how it sounded in other languages and somebody told me that the ‘la’ ending added positive emotions to the idea, such as ‘hoopla,’ and that was it. I don’t know whether this is true or not, but we liked it! Anyway, we will do our best to be a Tesla on snow!”