BMW Concept i4 Video Preview Goes In-Depth

Top Gear video shows a concept that will mostly make it into production.

BMW is getting serious in the electric sedan segment by introducing its first EVs into its core range. The Concept i4, that should have debuted at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show, previews the second such model to join the Bavarian automaker’s range after the iX3 SUV.

Now it’s finally been revealed and while the front fascia is one we’ve seen before (on the Concept 4, complete with massive grille), the rest of the body is all new and it’s more grand tourer than a Gran Coupe. It not only previews the production i4, which is set to debut next year, but also the regular 4 Series Gran Coupe.

The exterior is quite restrained and toned down, even in concept form, which shows that BMW is abandoning radical designs for its electric models. Gone are the days of the outlandish i8 and quirky, boxy i3 – those are the brand’s first purpose-built electrified models, but they represent the past; the future will be all about battery-powered models that integrate into the core range.

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If you want to see the Concept i4 in more detail than what is shown in the official photos and videos, you can check out this walkaround video from the Top Gear YouTube channel.

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