Bentley says the Bentayga EWB's Airline Seat Specification is the most advanced car seat ever –

Bentley has released more info on the Airline Seat Specification option on the new long wheelbase Bentley Bentayga EWB, an option that Bentley says is ticked in about 50% of orders currently.

The seat options are claimed to be the most advanced and most wellbeing-focused ever fit to a car. While they certainly look comfy and are packed full of features, I wouldn’t really call airline seats the pinnacle of comfort, even if you are in business or first class (yes, I’ve experienced both).

Still, what the seats can do certainly sounds amazing, and easily exceeds the comfort levels expected of airline seats. The Bentayga EWB’s Airline Seat Specification seats can be adjusted a total of 22 ways.

A portural adjustment system automatically makes micro adjustments to the passenger’s seating position and pressure points, using an algorithm developed in collaboration with specialists Comfort Motion Global (CMG).

CMG has been working in the field of fatigue prevention for several years, conducting medical-based research trials that highlight the benefits of changes in posture for comfort and wellbeing.

The system can apply 177 individual pressure changes across six fully independent pressure zones over a three-hour period improving comfort and minimising fatigue throughout a journey.

By subtly changing the shape of the surfaces of the seat over time, no one area of the body endures pressure fatigue for an extended period – meaning the occupant is always comfortable.

Impressive, considering the most that other cars seats can do currently is just activate some massage function that doesn’t even feel like a massage.

And what about seat temperature? We all know the difference a cooled seat can do on a hot day. Bentley says the seats feature the world’s first seat surface sensing system for thermal comfort.

It has a suite of sensors that has been developed to constantly measure both passenger contact surface temperature and humidity level to an accuracy of 0.1°C every 25ms.

The auto climate system uses existing seat heating technologies, but for cooling, a new seat ventilation fan has been developed that can move approximately 80% more air than previous systems.

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