Award-Winning Wallbox Quasar Home DC Charger Coming To U.S. This Year

It will charge your EV and power your home.

We were impressed with Wallbox’s Quasar bi-directional DC charger when we first saw it at CES in January. We now learn that we weren’t the only people impressed with it, as the Quasar was named a winner in the 2020 Edison Awards for the Energy & Sustainability category. 

“With the US market being so focused on home-charging, new technologies that cater to both the desire for bidirectional and home charging look poised to take off. For instance, Wallbox’s new bidirectional Quasar charger, launching in the US later this year, should cater to this new trend and contribute to expanding its appeal beyond commercial and research-led pilot projects to the domestic market.” – Doug Alfaro, Wallbox General Manager for North America.

We reached out to Doug Alfaro, General Manager of Wallbox North America to find out more about the Quasar and Wallbox’s other EV charging options. Alfaro said we could expect the Quasar to be available in the North American market in late 2020. Initially, it will only be available with a CHAdeMO connector because currently, only the Nissan LEAF and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV are capable of bi-directional power flow. 

However, Alfaro sounded very optimistic that EVs that currently use the Combo connector (CCS) will soon offer the same bi-directional functionality as the CHAdeMO-equipped vehicles currently do. Although Alfaro wouldn’t specify any particular OEM as one that is working on adding this to their vehicles, he was clear that he expects to see bi-directional EV power flow to be common in the industry in the not-to-distant future.

The Quasar can deliver 7.4 kW to the vehicle and also return that same power to the home. So while it’s a “DC charger”, it’s not a DC “fast” charger. DC fast chargers typically deliver at least 20 kW to a car, and some of the ultra-high-speed units can deliver up to 350 kW in some units. 


The Wallbox Quasar DC charger