AutoTrader, Fully Charged Pick Best Electric Cars Of 2020 And Beyond

If you’re currently in the market for an EV in Europe, you really should watch this video.

Picking which electric car is worth shelling your hard-earned cash on is getting increasingly difficult, as more and more talented options pop up on the market. Some are better in terms of value, while others are expensive, but they offer impressive performance and range.

You really do need to do a lot of research before you buy, because EVs are quite different among themselves and they cater to different drivers with different needs. Some will just want the affordability and comparatively long range of a Renault Zoe or VW e-Up!, while others will want the performance, luxury and sophistication of a Porsche Taycan or a Tesla and are willing to pay for it.

For those buyers (and pretty much everyone in between) the selection of vehicles mentioned in this video by AutoTrader may help you narrow down your choices. In the video, Rory Reid talks to Robert Llewellyn of The Fully Charged Show and asks for his pick of the best current (and near future) EVs that are worth prospective buyers’ consideration.

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