Autogefühl: Fiat 500 Electric Is Way Better Than ICE Predecessor

Fiat 500 Electric scored positive feedback from Autogefühl. Time will tell how well it sells.

All three versions (hatchback, cabrio and 3+1) of the all-new Fiat 500 electric were recently reviewed by Autogefühl, with a conclusion that it’s a great little car for city driving.

Autogefühl finds this new Fiat 500 electric better in every single aspect than the outgoing conventional Fiat 500 and as a result, it should appeal to more customers than ever before.

The exterior design is very nice, the interior looks pretty cool and also feels more premium than in the predecessor. The rear seats are envisioned for children – with the 3+1 version and its additional tiny doors, you can get more access to child seats.

According to the review, the Fiat 500 electric is fun to drive, with sporty acceleration. It’s quite comfortable, although the suspension is not forgiving too much on bumps (so you better go with the smaller wheels if you care). The single-pedal driving in range mode also works pretty well.

Overall, it seems that Fiat has done a decent job with its first series-produced, all-electric model for the European market.

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Fiat 500 electric specs:

42 kWh battery version:

23.8 kWh battery version:

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