Aiways U5: >400 km (250 Mi) Of WLTP Range And Below €40,000

The expected price of the top-spec Aiways U5 will be below €40,000 ($44,760).

Aiways recently unveiled and made available for test drives its all-electric SUV Aiways U5, which after a re-schedule is expected on sale in Europe in August 2020 (as 2021 model year) – as the first electric SUV from a Chinese startup in Europe.

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According to the company, it will have a range of more than 400 km (250 miles) of WLTP, but it’s not said exactly how much more. Assuming a 63 kWh battery, we guess that 300 km (186) miles should be easily achievable in the real world.

The U5 will be, at least initially, available only for lease. The prices are still unknown, but it’s said that the fully-loaded car will be valued under €40,000 ($44,760), which should help potential customers to figure out what the lease might be.

“U5 will be made available in Europe this August exclusively via a direct-to-customer sales model, and not retailed or leased through traditional car dealerships. The new sales model will streamline the traditional car buying ‘journey’, and ensure that using and maintaining a U5 is as simple as possible. A new AIWAYS dedicated European website is being prepared that will enable prospective U5 buyers to research models, book test drives, configure vehicles and sign up to usage periods that suits their needs.

The U5 will be available in three trim levels: Technic, Standard and Premium. While the advanced systems and driving performance are shared between them, the higher-end models offer some material, aesthetic and comfort enhancements.”

Let’s take a look at the new photos and videos about the U5:

Aiways U5 specs (2021 European version):

  • more than 400 km (250 miles) of WLTP range;
  • 63 kWh battery (liquid-cooled)
  • battery pack energy density of 181 Wh/kg
  • 140 kW and 315 Nm electric motor (front-wheel drive), maximum 16,000 rpm
  • DC fast charging: 30-80% SOC in 27 minutes
  • AC normal charging: 20-100% in 8 hours (using 6.6 kW on-board charger)
  • curb weight of 1,700-1,750 kg
  • 4,680mm in length, 1,865mm in width and 1,684mm in height, a long wheelbase of 2,800mm
  • drag coefficient of 0.29
  • boot capacity of 1543 liters

Aiways U5 specs (China):

  • 503 km (312.6 miles) of NEDC range
  • 65 kWh battery (liquid-cooled)
  • battery pack energy density of 181 Wh/kg
  • 125 kW and 315 Nm electric motor (front-wheel drive)
  • fast charging: 30-80% SOC in 27 minutes

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