Acura Reveals the Limited Run 2021 RDX PMC Edition

Acura unveiled a third, limited run PMC Edition using its best selling model, the RDX. The 2021 Acura RDX PMC Edition follows a similar path to the TLX and MDX PMC Editions that preceded it. It arrives at Acura’s PMC (Performance Manufacturing Center) as a body-in-white and is hand built in the facility, using the same level of meticulousness used with the NSX.

What pops out when finished is a bright orange—Acura named it Thermal Orange Pearl—RDX with gloss black 20-inch wheels, grille, roof, door handles, and sideview mirror caps. A panoramic moonroof also sits up top. Furthermore, the exhaust tips are black chrome.

Inside, Acura wraps the seats in Ebony Milano leather with orange stitching and uses a faux suede material for the inserts. The steering wheel gets leather wrapping, too, as well as an A-spec badge. You also get a numbered serial plate, and that number will be between 1 and 360.

Mechanically speaking, this is, effectively, a top of the line RDX with a few extra bits tacked on as it comes with the Advanced trim spec, the highest trim level, with a few A-Spec pieces, the second highest trim level, added on. You cannot order an RDX this way without getting the PMC Edition. PMC Edition RDX’s are also standard all-wheel-drive, which includes the torque vectoring, super handling AWD system.

But, clearly, you buy this car to be seen. The bright and deep orange paint stands out in no small part thanks to its multiple base coats applied, a layer of gold and orange mica, and four layers of clear coat added on top of that. Combined with the gloss black elements mixed in, the PMC Edition RDX is prepared for Halloween, ready to stand out even as sky fades in to the night.

If you’re interested in this Halloween decoration, reach out to your local Acura dealer and pursue being one of 360. And be on alert, if current trends continue, Acura may have a red and green PMC Edition coming November first.

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