‘Absolutely oblivious’: Police urge drivers not to use mobile phone when operating vehicle

Warwickshire Police catch reckless drivers using phones on M40

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The penalty for being caught using a hand-held device when driving is a fixed penalty notice of £200. It can also come with six penalty points on a driving licence.

Over 80 percent of UK drivers have admitted to being distracted when driving.

On the series premiere of Motorway Cops: Catching Britain’s Speeders, PC Rowan Burt pulled a driver over after spotting him using his phone.

The driver was caught using a mobile phone when pulling off the motorway near Ellesmere Port, whilst driving with another man.

The front bumper of their Ford transit van was also loose, prompting PC Burt to do a visual inspection of the car.

Drivers using mobile phones were responsible for 18 deaths on UK roads in 2019.

The driver insisted that he only looked at his phone briefly to check a message.

PC Burt said: “So that’s the real problem.

“Whilst you’ve got your phone in your hand and checking your messages, you’re not in proper control of the vehicle.

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“So, this is the ticket, this is the offence report.”

When checking the drivers’ details, he complimented his accent when describing St Helens.

The police officer continued, by saying: “If you don’t receive the letter after three weeks then you give us a call to chase us up.

“It doesn’t mean that it’s gone away unfortunately, it just means that it might go to court, which is bad.

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