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Peugeot has announced that both the 208 and its SUV sibling, the 2008, have received a new toggle-style gear selector. This replaces the electronic shifter in the B-segment models fitted with the Aisin eight-speed automatic gearbox, as well as in the fully-electric e-208 and e-2008.

Aside from the usual R, N and D positions, the new selector also comes with a Park button and an M button for selecting the manual function (drivers can change gears using the paddle shifters). On electric models, that last button is instead marked B and turns on regenerative braking.

Our Peugeot 2008 should retain the same mechanical shifter for its six-speed auto

The new shifter sits on the same spot as the old one, meaning that it doesn’t actually free up any extra space – the carbon-look wrist rest takes up the remainder. A satin chrome finish for the toggle switch and the surrounding panel lifts the cabin ambience, with the centre console itself continuing to be finished in gloss black.

No changes mechanically, so the 208 and 2008 are offered with either a 1.2 litre PureTech turbocharged three-cylinder petrol engine, a 1.5 litre BlueHDi turbodiesel or a 136 PS/221 Nm electric motor paired with a 50 kWh battery, the latter providing a range of 340 km. We should point out that the Malaysian-market 2008 is unlikely to get this toggle gear selector, as we get a six-speed gearbox with a conventional mechanical shifter.

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