2022 Subaru Forester Gets Price Increase For Car And Destination Fee

You’ll pay $75 extra to ship your 2022 model.

It’s been quite a week for Subaru. The new Forester Wilderness leaked online through Subaru’s own Canadian website, giving us an early look at the off-road-themed SUV. We don’t know if that leak prompted Subaru to properly debut the Wilderness and the refreshed 2022 Forester lineup shortly thereafter, but it’s all official now. It’s also a bit more expensive, in more ways than one.

We’ve already covered the Forester Wilderness from top to bottom in our debut post. Truth be told, that article also includes pricing but it doesn’t mention the changes to the rest of the Forester lineup. It also doesn’t mention year-over-year price changes for both the SUV and its destination fee. Such increases between model years aren’t uncommon, especially if there are changes to the vehicle.

Depending on trim level, expect to pay between $370 and $480 more for a 2022 Forester. However, that doesn’t include the destination fee, which is now $75 more than it was last year. Yes, it’s a small number but rising destination and delivery costs have become a sore spot with many folks in recent years. As such, the real price increase for the 2022 Forester actually falls between $445 and $555.

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Here’s a compelte breakdown of pricing for 2022 Forester trim levels, along with comparisons from 2021.

What do you get for the extra cost? The Wilderness sports an updated front clip with a larger, bolder grille and narrower headlights with eyebrow-like LED daytime strips pointing inward. It’s an updated look that comes to all 2022 Foresters, and Subaru further enhances the SUV with stronger roof rails. When moving, 220 pounds of cargo can be carried on the roof versus 176 pounds from the prior year. At rest, the roof can handle 800 pounds a – convenient figure for campers who want to use a rooftop tent. On Premium and higher-level trims, a new auto emergency steering feature can help avoid collisions at speeds below 50 mph.

It’s worth noting that the Forester isn’t the only Subaru to see destination charges go up for 2022. The Outback and Ascent match the Forester’s $1,125 fee. The smaller Legacy and Impreza are a bit less at $960, but that’s up from $925 in 2021.



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