2022 Mazda CX-5 Details Emerge: New Trim Levels, Higher Base Price

Earlier this year, Mazda unveiled its facelifted CX-5 SUV but was a bit shy on details. As with the visuals, we didn’t expect much of a change under the skin, and that’s exactly what we have here. However, the submodel hierarchy is completely different, and you’ll pay just a bit more to enter the CX-5 world. Step up to a turbocharged version and you’ll get a bit more punch, too.

Arguably the biggest news is the 2022 CX-5 base price. Car and Driver reports a $580 increase from last year’s entry-level model, equaling a before-destination sticker of $25,950. With the $1,175 destination charge plugged in, the cheapest CX-5 now costs $27,125. However, it’s worth noting that for 2022, all CX-5 trims come standard with all-wheel drive. That’s a big deal, because the 2021 price is for a front-wheel-drive CX-5. An apples-to-apples comparison actually reveals the 2022 model is cheaper than last year’s AWD CX-5 Sport.

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That’s a trend found throughout the 2022 CX lineup, which is restructured through the lower and mid-range trim levels. The entry model is now called the 2.5 S, with packages labeled Select, Preferred, Premium, and Premium Plus available. The Carbon Edition endures in the lineup, as does the range-topping CX-5 Signature. The turbocharged Carbon Edtion is gone, as are the Sport, Touring, and Grand Touring versions. Compared to similarly equipped all-wheel-drive versions from 2021, prices for new models are approximately $50 to $500 less.

This summary shows 2022 CX-5 trim levels and pricing, as reported by Car and Driver. Mazda has yet to share official information; we’ve contacted the automaker for confirmation and we’ll adjust this chart should new details become available.

Folks choosing turbocharged models will reportedly get a bit more power in 2022. The boosted 2.5-liter engine is up to 256 horsepower (191 kilowatts), a gain of 6 ponies provided higher-octane premium fuel is used. Torque levels are unchanged, and naturally aspirated versions soldier on with 187 hp (139 kW) under the hood.

Of course, Mazda now has the CX-50 which is quite similar in both size and style to the CX-5. There’s been considerable speculation that the CX-50 will replace the CX-5 in Mazda’s lineup, but the automaker has refuted those rumors, for the near-term anyway. Whether the CX-5 continues more than a few years remains to be seen.

Source: Car and Driver

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