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Honda is no stranger to introducing hybrid powertrains in its vehicles on sale in Malaysia, and the just-launched 2022 Civic e:HEV RS Hybrid is the latest in the brand’s growing line of electrified models in the country.

The latest electrified offering from Honda Malaysia joins the presently available range of hybrids, comprised of the HR-V, City and City Hatchback. The City – with its e:HEV variant – was launched in October 2020, the City Hatchback e:HEV in February this year and the HR-V e:HEV in July.

Of these, the City e:HEV RS contributed 5% of sales to the overall sales volume of the Honda City, while the City Hatchback e:HEV RS comprised of 8% of that model’s overall sales. Meanwhile, the HR-V e:HEV RS made up 11% of the crossover’s total sales; these percentage figures are for their respective variants’ sales in the first 10 months of this year.

All four e:HEV models from Honda Malaysia employ the manufacturer’s i-MMD powertrain where propulsion comes from an electric motor fed by a lithium-ion battery, and this electricity is supplied by an Atkinson-cycle petrol engine that serves as a generator. In the City and City Hatchback, the electric drive motor makes 108 PS and 253 Nm, supplied by the 1.5 litre petrol mill that produces 98 PS and 127 Nm.

The system in the HR-V e:HEV RS is 22 PS more powerful at 131 PS with the same torque output, and the Atkinson-cycle combustion engine is also marginally more powerful at 107 PS and 131 Nm.

The just-launched Civic e:HEV RS hybrid packs the most powerful system of the quartet, with an electric drive motor rated at 184 PS and 315 Nm fed by a 2.0 litre Atkinson-cycle petrol engine that produces 143 PS and 189 Nm of torque. All Honda e:HEV models employ the same i-MMD configuration, where the combustion engine can assist the electric motor for propulsion at higher speeds.

Launched today in Malaysia, the 2022 Honda Civic e:HEV RS hybrid is priced at RM166,500, and is offered in a selection of four colours – Ignite Red Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl, Meteoroid Gray Metallic and Platinum White Pearl.

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