2020 Volkswagen Golf To Come With Car2X Technology As Standard

We all loved the way the new Golf looks and there are many of you who have asked us on multiple occasions, about its arrival in India. Sadly, the Golf isn’t coming here, but while it’s turning a lot of heads across the world, there’s another reason why it’s become the talk of the town. The Volkswagen Golf is the first car which can help drivers to prevent accidents, and that’s thanks to its innovative Car2X technology, which allows it to wirelessly connect with other vehicles and the traffic infrastructure. Now the impressive part about this is that the technology will come standard on the Golf.

The new Golf is the first car on the European market to come standard-equipped with Car2X technology, which is based on the Wi-Fi p wireless standard. This type of Wi-Fi is specifically tailored to local communication between vehicles and does not use the mobile phone network, which means it provides blanket coverage within the limits of the system. Within a radius of up to 800 metres, connected vehicles directly exchange positioning data and information with one another. This allows them to warn each other of danger or make contact with the traffic infrastructure within a matter of milliseconds.

The Car2X technology is active at speeds over 80 kmph 

The German automotive association ADAC tested Volkswagen’s Car2X technology, during which it sent the new Golf into eight typical hazardous situations in which a driver, without being warned, would not be able to react at all, or would only be able to react much later. In all eight situations, the vehicle warned the driver reliably and in time, often even 10 or 11 seconds before the impending accident.

In the initial development stage, which Volkswagen is introducing with the new Golf, Car2X technology is active at speeds over 80 kmph. In the future, it should also be able to improve safety in city traffic. It also offers major advantages if the car communicates with nearby traffic lights – in this way being better able to control traffic flow and protect the environment.

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