2020 Hyundai Creta Price Undercuts Rivals Kia Seltos, Hector, Harrier

Hyundai set the benchmark in the compact SUV segment in 2015, when it launched the Creta. In fact, it got a lot of attention, because it was the only car in the segment which had the best features, great engines and also top-notch performance. Six years later, a lot has changed. There are more rivals than before and the compact SUV segment has just grown significantly in the past 5 years.

The new generation of the Creta then, had to be a notch above its rivals. Hyundai India has taken all its rivals into account and there are quite a few first in segment features that the new generation Creta gets. But while we’ve told you all about the car, it’s the price that matters, because customers will look at what is on offer in terms of pricing. The new generation Creta is priced at ₹ 9.99 lakh (ex-showroom India) for both the petrol and the diesel models.

The Kia Seltos base petrol is cheaper than the new Creta, while the Seltos Petrol AT is cheaper by a healthy margin of ₹ 2 lakh

So, yes, the base variant petrol version of the Creta is ₹ 10,000 more expensive than the Seltos, but is cheaper than the rest of its rivals – the MG Hector (by up to ₹ 3 lakh). But it’s the diesel that currently has most bookings, and is up to ₹ 40,000 cheaper than the Seltos. Compare the price with the Hector diesel and Tata Harrier and you’ll notice that the Creta is more affordable by more than ₹ 4 lakh.

The base MG Hector petrol AT is the most affordable when compared to the Seltos and the new Creta

Let’s get to the automatic variants of the Creta then. The 1.5-litre petrol automatic is priced at 16.15 lakh, the Kia Seltos here undercuts it with quite a margin, nearly ₹ 2 lakh. The Creta holds the advantage though for the turbo petrol variant, which is priced from ₹ 16.16 lakh to ₹ 17.20 lakh. The Seltos with the same powertrain and gearbox combination costs ₹ 17.29 lakh and that’s close to a lakh more expensive than the Creta. The MG Hector is available with a petrol automatic with prices starting at ₹ 15.93 lakh going all the way up to ₹ 17.43 lakh, thus undercutting the base automatic variant of both the Seltos and the Creta.

The Tata Harrier diesel AT turns out to be the most expensive compared to its rivals, just a shade below the Jeep Compass AT

As far as the diesel automatics go, the Creta with the diesel automatic is priced between ₹ 15.99 lakh to ₹ 17.20 lakh. The Seltos undercuts it by a huge margin as it starts at ₹ 13.54 lakh topping out at ₹ 17.34 lakh. The Tata Harrier diesel automatic starts at ₹ 16.25 lakh going up to ₹ 20 lakh and the Creta clearly undercuts it. The MG Hector does not have a diesel automatic yet but there’s one more car whose automatic we loved and that’s the Jeep Compass but that’s above all these compact SUVs as it starts at ₹ 21.96 lakh.

Hyundai’s pricing strategy then is aggressive and the company has made sure that there are enough combinations for buyers to choose from.

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