10 Years Passed Since Nissan Delivered First LEAFs In U.S.

Some of the early adopters kept their cars to this day. A full 10 years.

Nissan celebrates 10 years of LEAF sales globally (since December 2010) and this includes the U.S., which along with Japan and a few European countries, was among the initial markets.

During that period, Nissan has sold more than 500,000 LEAFs. In the U.S. it’s 146,830 (through the end of September 2020), which makes the LEAF one of the most popular EVs in the country.

The Japanese manufacturer noted that the all-electric LEAF was “the vehicle that helped pave the way for EV adoption around the globe” and it’s a very important point. Nissan stepped up when most of the automotive industry was laughing at EVs.

Surely Nissan was not able to achieve its initial sales goals, it was a decade too early, but the company did an amazing job pioneering in so many areas.

“The Nissan LEAF changed the way the world looks at EVs. Launching the first mass-market EV in 2010 was a gamble, but Nissan was – and remains – committed to EVs, with LEAF sales recently reaching 500,000 globally.”

The nice thing is that now, in December 2020, we can see an example of happy LEAF drivers – like Shannon Monroe, who was one of the first U.S. LEAF owners and kept the LEAF for 10 years, covering more than 125,000 miles (over 201,000 km).

Aditya Jairaj, Nissan’s director of U.S. electric vehicle marketing and sales strategy said:

“This milestone is so much bigger than LEAF. It demonstrates that we’ve established a rock-solid foundation for our EVs. Across all facets of the company, Nissan is steeped in EV experience – and we’re now putting that collective knowledge to use as we look to the next phase of EVs with the launch of the all-new Nissan Ariya.”

Now, Nissan is working on its first all-electric crossover, the Nissan Ariya, which is expected to cover up to 300 miles (483 km) of range – 3-4 times more than the early LEAFs.

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