10 job titles with the highest car insurance costs – full list

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Experts at Vanarama have calculated how much car insurance premiums will cost this year for the top 100 most common jobs in the UK. As part of their study, the experts also calculated which workers will see the biggest jump in their car insurance costs in 2023 when compared to 2021 (which is when they last carried out the same study).

Unfortunately, it’s not good news for mechanics as they will be paying a staggering £154.83 more than they were two years ago.

Back in 2021, mechanics would pay £298.61 for their annual car insurance, however, that price is set to rise to £453.44 this year.

This is then followed by estimators who will be paying an average of £134.83 more for their car insurance this year.

Back in 2021, the price was much lower at £313.75, however, it’s set to cost £448.58 in 2023.

Rounding up the top three are administrators who follow closely behind with their premiums costing £132.08 more compared to 2021.

Whilst the average insurance premium cost £308.44 in 2021, it’s now predicted to cost £440.52.

Of the 100 job roles analysed, only those who drive for a living will spend less on car insurance than they did two years ago (£479.80 down to £421.76).

The full list of the 10 job titles with the highest car insurance cost:

  1. Mechanic – £154.83 price increase since 2021 to £453.44
  2. Estimator – £134.83 price increase since 2021 to £448.58
  3. Administrator – £132.08 price increase since 2021 to £440.52
  4. Credit Controller – £130.42 price increase since 2021 to 448.58
  5. Designer – £127.61 price increase since 2021 to £440.52
  6. Personal assistant – £126.71 price increase since 2021 to £448.58
  7. Trader – £124.60 price increase since 2021 to £474.14
  8. Buyer – £124.03 price increase since 2021 to £444.01
  9. Finance director – £123.71 price increase since 2021 to £440.52
  10. Developer – £123.63 price increase since 2021 to £123.63

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As many drivers know, the cost of insuring a car can be incredibly high, which can be a real burden for many people, especially during a cost-of-living crisis.

However, there are ways to lower car insurance costs. Here are six simple ways drivers can decrease their insurance premiums in 2023.

Check your credit score

If drivers have poor credit scores, then it’s likely that they will have to pay higher premiums. Therefore checking the credit rating before applying for insurance is essential.

If there are any mistakes on the report, drivers should get them corrected before applying for any form of financial product – including home loans and credit cards.

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Get yourself an older model car

Older models tend to be cheaper than newer ones. This is because they are less likely to suffer from theft or vandalism and therefore don’t need as much protection from the insurer.

They also tend to be safer than newer models because they have more airbags and other safety features fitted as standard.

Choose your own number plate carefully

The number plate on a car has a huge impact on how much drivers pay for insurance.

For example, if drivers choose a number that has been used previously or one that looks like another (even slightly), then this could result in higher premiums being charged by insurers because there’s a greater chance of a stolen number plate being put back on the car.

If drivers are looking for a personalised number plate, then they may find that it will cost more to insure than one which has been issued by the DVLA.

Reduce your mileage

If motorists drive less, then insurance is likely to be cheaper. The more miles drivers cover each year, the more likely it is that an accident will occur, and this can be reflected in a premium.

Shop around for new quotes before renewing — even if you’re happy with its service and price

What many motorists are unaware of is that prices can change as often as once a month, so it’s worth researching over the space of a few weeks before signing up with an insurer.

Avoid accidents, penalty points, and reckless driving

Accidents can raise drivers’ rates dramatically. Penalty points and reckless driving are even worse.

If motorists have been in any major accidents or have been cited for speeding or other traffic violations, they should look for companies that specialise in high-risk drivers. They tend to offer lower premiums because they know the risks involved.

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