​ZeroAvia Demonstrates Flight Of Hydrogen-Powered Passenger Aircraft

Zero-emission passenger flight gets one step closer.

Earlier this week, ZeroAvia completed the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell powered flight of a commercial-size aircraft. The historical event took place at ZeroAvia’s research and development lab in Cranfield, England. 

When we first reported on ZeroAvia last year, the company was just getting off the ground, literally, and was working out of Northern California, and building the first iteration of its hydrogen fuel cell powertrain. They have since moved headquarters to Loughborough, England, and have expanded to maintain offices in the US, Japan, China, and Korea. 

ZeroAvia is a hydrogen powertrain company, they work with existing aviation manufacturers and aviation operators, offering a zero-emission, lower-cost powertrain choice. They design the hydrogen powertrains to fit seamlessly into existing aircraft – they aren’t aircraft manufacturers. Therefore, existing aircraft manufacturers are actually the ZeroAvia’s partners, not its competition.