IndianxWorkhorse Appaloosa v2.0 ice racer gets shakedown run before Sultans of Sprint in April

Taking a base model Scout Bobber named Appaloosa, Indian Motorcycles and Workhorse Speed Shop turned the sprint racer into a speed machine on ice. Running with studded wheels, Appaloosa – an American horse breed best known for its colorful spotted coat pattern – was taken to Lake Baikal in Russia for a shakedown run ahead of its intended public race at the Sultans of Sprint race.

The Lake Baikal Mile is held from February 25 to March 1 and competitors run a 1/8-mile and 1-mile course on the frozen waters of the world’s largest freshwater lake by volume. Now in its second edition, the Baikal Mile also features stunt riding, drifting, drag racing, flat track and freestyle motocross.

Appaloosa made its debut last year at Sultans of Spring at the Waves and Wheels event in Biarritz, Spain, piloted by 500 GP legend Randy Mamola. Taking 700 hours to build, Appaloosa was unable to be fully tested before the 2019 race and builder Brice Hennebert wanted to give Appaloosa a proper test before competition proper.

With support from partners Akrapovic, Beringer Brakes, Dunlop Europe, Evok3 Performance, Motorex, Öhlins and tuning advice from Flybike, Appaloosa was shipped to Baikal in February. Hennebert and friends Sébastien Lorentz and Dorsan “DJ Peeta Selecta” arrived in Baikal to face minus 25 degree Centigrade temperatures.

After a technical inspection and shakedown 1/8-mile run, Lorentz took Appaloosa out on the mile course. Adjustments to tyre pressure, tyre stud placement and ECU mapping gave Appaloosa a final run of 180 km/h.

“Racing on ice is hard, this is the most incredible thing I’ve tried to do. I’ve learnt so much and had a hell of a lot of fun doing it. We’re losing something like 30% of our speed to the conditions and although we’ve had some issues, I am so glad we came here to test Appaloosa,” said Hennebert.

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