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2022/2023 BMW Motorrad R 1250 GSA GS Trophy Edition

Extensive colour updates for the 2022/2023 range of BMW Motorrad two-wheelers with the new models expected to arrive in official BMW Motorrad showrooms in August. In terms of tech upgrades, tyre pressure monitoring, or RDC in BMW Motorrad parlance, is applied to all motorcycle models worldwide equipped with keyless ride as standard.

Starting with the “baby” BMW Motorrads, the G 310 R and G 310 GS, the GS version now gets Basic Cosmic Black 3 as a new colour choice, together with Style Sport Polar white/Racing blue metallic and Style Rallye Kalamata metallic matt. The previous colours of Polar white, Style Triple Black and Cyanite Blue Metallic are no longer available.

2022/2023 BMW Motarrad G 310 R Style Sport Polar White/Racing Blue (left), Style Passion Racing Red

For the sportier G 310 R, Style Passion Racing red makes an appearance this year, accompanied by Style Sport Polar white/Racing blue metallic. These replace the previous options of Cyanite Blue and Limestone Metallic.

Moving to the top of the range with the R 1250 GS and R 1250 GSA adventure-touring bikes, both the R 1250 GS and GSA get the GS Trophy Edition in Gravity blue metallic with cross-spoke wheels, rally seat, sport windshield, radiator protectors, frame protectors and enduro footrests. The “40 Years GS” and Blackstorm Metallic versions of the R 1250 GS/GSA are now discontinued.

2022/2023 BMW Motorrad R 1250 GS GS Trophy Edition

The smaller-engined sibling to the R 1250 GS, the F 850 GS and F 850 GSA, the GS version of the F 850 now comes in GS Trophy in Gravity blue metallic, equipped with a touring windshield, enduro footrests and navigation as standard, amongst others. For the F 850 GSA, Style Rally Kalamata metallic matt/Tape white is the new paint choice, with matching Mineral grey metallic matt radiator protector while an M Endurance chain is supplied as part of the comfort package.

Meanwhile, BMW Motorrad’s four-cylinder naked sportsbike, the S 1000 R, is now available in a choice of either Basic Blackstorm metallic or the new Style Sport Bluestone metallic. Last year’s paint options of Racing red and Hockenheim silver have been removed from the 2023 catalogue.

2022/2023 BMW Motorrad S 1000 R (left), F 900 XR

BMW Motorrad’s other four-cylinder machine, the S 1000 XR sports-tourer, is also updated with RDC, while the boxer-twin R 1250 RT sports-tourer gets the Option 719 treatment. This gives the R 1250 RT a new color, Meteoric Dust II metallic, with the Mineral White metallic option no longer available.

The same is applied to BMW Motorrad’s uber tourers, the K 1600 GT and K 1600 GTL, which now come standard with keyless ride and RDC, the RDC function integrated into the keyless ride control unit. Option 719 gives the six-cylinder K 1600 motorcycles the Meteoric Dust II metallic paint scheme, replacing the previous Mineral White metallic.

2022/2023 BMW Motorrad R 1250 RT

Moving on to the F 900 XR two-cylinder, the new colour option is Style Sport Racing blue metallic with Racing red no longer available, while a new engine spoiler is now standard equipment. As for the F 900 R, no new colour choices but RDC and keyless start is now standard, along with an M Endurance chain as part of the Comfort package.

Rounding out the list of colour changes for BMW Motorrad’s range of street/sport motorcycles is the F 750 GS sports-tourer, now available in Style Sport in Lightwhite uni/Racing blue metallic 2/Racing red, replacing San Marino Blue metallic. Also standard for the F 750 GS is RDC with keyless ride and an M Endurance chain as part of the Comfort package.

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