2020 Zero SR/S sports e-bike launched, from RM84k

Having built a reputation over the last 14 years making electric motorcycles (e-bikes), Santa Cruz, California based Zero Motorcycles has now launched a fully-faired sports bike, the 2020 Zero SR/S. Based on the Zero SR/F naked sports e-bike, the SR/S adds a full fairing which it claims improves the aerodynamics of riding an e-bike.

This includes an improvement in range, which Zero says amounts up to a 13% increase in efficiency and riding range compared to the naked Zero SR/F. Taking the Z-Froce 75-10 from the SR/F, the SR/S is rated at the equivalent of 110 hp and 190 Nm of torque with power coming from a 14.4 kWh lithium-ionbattery.

Zero says this gives the SR/S an urban range of 259 km and 132 km at highway speeds with top speed limited to 200 km/h. Mixed usage gives a range of 175 km and while this might be exactly the numbers as the SR/F, Zero says this is without the 13% improvement in aerodynamics figured into the equation.

Adding the Power Tank accessory adds 3.6 kWh of battery capacity and bumps maximum range up to 323 km in city use. Meanwhile, highway riding gets a boost to 166 km and mixed usage yields 219 km.

Charging time for the SR/S is dependant on the number of Level 2 rapid charging modules on board. Charge time to 95% with a single module takes four hours, while adding a second module halves that and combining three rapid charge modules gives a charge time of just over an hour.

There are two flavours of the Zero SR/S, with the base model SR/S using a 3 kW rapid charger starting at USD 19,995 (RM84,264). The premium model SR/S is priced at USD 21,995 (RM92,693) and comes with a 6 kWh rapid charger, heated handlebar grips and aluminium bar ends.

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