You Can Now Pre-Order Scissor Doors for Your C8 Mid-Engine Corvette

Lamborghini’s swing-up “scissor” doors, first introduced on the Countach, have become a popular modification for people looking to stand out with their non-Lamborghini cars. The modification is especially popular on Corvettes—if you’ve ever been to a Corvette big Corvette gathering, you’ve likely seen one with some swing-up doors. Well, you’ll soon be able to have scissor doors on your C8.

Eikon Motorsports of Scottsdale, Arizona, has made a scissor door kit for the C8 Corvette available for pre-order on its website. The kit uses hinges manufactured by Vertical Doors, Inc., and comes with all the bespoke mounting hardware required to get your doors to swing up Lamborghini style.

The listing claims the kit mounts to the Corvette’s factory bolt pattern, making it completely reversible. Eikon has yet to share any real-life pictures of the kit installed on a car, but shared a short video update on its progress on Facebook last week:

We wouldn’t call the installation of Eikon’s “Lambo Doors” a performance mod—all it does is add weight, after all. But if you’re the type who absolutely needs their doors open vertically, the kit can be pre-ordered today. Pricing starts at $2899 for the kit alone, and $4300 for the kit plus installation.

via Motor1

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