XXR upgrade announced for Radical SR1

Baby Radical follows SR3 and SR10 with new engine, revised aero and durability updates

By Matt Bird / Wednesday, 26 April 2023 / Loading comments

It was only a matter of time before the least scary Radical received the same XXR overhaul as the SR3 and SR10. As the entry point to the range, the SR1 is a popular first step for many into a race car with downforce. Having been on sale since 2012, the SR1 XXR refresh is said to represent the ‘most Radical update’ yet. Those were Radical’s words, not ours, promise.

The philosophy underpinning the SR1 XXR is similar to that seen in the other models, focusing on making the car easier to drive and more durable, keeping owners on track for longer and with fewer service requirements. A new engine is central to that, Radical Performance Engines fifth generation of the 1,340cc four-cylinder now able to go 25 per cent further before a refresh. It takes less time to warm up, and can do 10 hours of racing now instead of six before needing an oil change. The conrods and crankshaft pins are lighter, the cooling has been overhauled, the cylinder head flow improved, the gearbox recalibrated… a lot’s gone into this new model. A race car that permits more time racing and less time spannering sounds like good news.

Like the more powerful XXRs, the SR1 gets an aerodynamic fin like it’s a baby prototype racer, though there is no claim of increased downforce. As a car that uses semi-slick tyres rather than the full slicks of the SR3 and SR10, the SR1 isn’t quite as aero obsessed as those cars. Hence its popularity with those dipping their toe into serious race cars.

Joe Anwyll, Radical Motorsport CEO, said: “The SR1 model has been key to Radical’s DNA for over ten years now, by providing aspiring drivers a window to the exciting world of motorsport, while still holding onto its approachable attributes. The past few years have seen our global race offering thrive, with 12 official Radical championships now operating worldwide. Therefore, there was no better time than now to develop and improve the SR1, to provide these aspiring racers with a chance to race at bucket-list tracks all over the world. After the launch of SR3 XXR and SR10 XXR, it was only right to align the SR1 under the XXR banner too, as, after all, it has proven to be the pillar of our company ethos – we make racers.” The SR1 is available to order now, with deliveries expected in the summer.

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