Worried about my apartment’s car cleaner damaging my vehicle’s PPF

Is visiting a professional car spa / cleaner to clean and wash the exterior of a PPF-applied vehicle the only option?

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Hello BHPians,

I was wondering about the best possible way to wash one’s car on a regular basis after PPF is applied. I have invested significantly in the PPF and I am worried if I let my regular apartment car washers clean and wash, the PPF may be affected somehow and each time I can’t monitor them while they wash.

Is visiting a professional car spa/cleaner to clean and wash the exteriors of a PPF-applied car the only option?

Any recommendations for a car spa in the Whitefield area of Bangalore especially one that specialises in washing a car that has a PPF-applied?

Here’s what BHPian Gotham had to say about the matter:

I got my car ceramic coated as PPF was out of my budget, however, I was very clearly told that if I went with PPF I would let the apartment car cleaner wash it every day and PPF would remain intact. Take this with a pinch of salt but the best would be to ask your detailer to be on the safer side.

Here’s what BHPian rajeshrajan had to say about the matter:

My two cents.

I have PPF on my car and it’s washed once a week. I wash it mostly but sometimes my building person does it too. He is thankfully aware of the PPF. We do not use a pressure wash machine but it’s from a hose connected to a tap. I use a mild car shampoo with two microfibre cloths, one for shampoo and the other for drying. My detailer said pls let the car wash guy know that it has a PPF coat and they usually know what pressure to be maintained.

Here’s what BHPian powertrain had to say about the matter:

I have done PPF on my Fortuner. Since then, I have washed my car once in 7 to 10 days.

Strictly, no washing is done by the regular washing guy. I take the car to my pressure wash center which uses a foam gun & pressure wash to clean the car.

Here’s what BHPian TheCamShaft had to say about the matter:

I have had PPF on my car since 2017, in fact, did it the very first thing after I took the car out of the showroom. I use good quality 3M micro fiber cloths, one for the body (red one), one for glassy areas (purple one), and one for drying (yellow one). All purchased directly from the 3M showroom.

With the apartment cleaning guy, I used to give him these clothes to use only for my car and advised him how to do it religiously. He will pick up the clothes at the time of washing and return them to me every time. I prefer just once a week of washing. Essentially I asked for expert opinion from the 3M store and stuck with their advice as is since day 1.

Now, it’s nearly 6 years, the cleaning guys changed and I have done away with this practice of handing over 3M clothes, only letting the guys know I have the PPF film, so asking to be mindful of that.

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