Why I chose the 2022 Maruti Brezza over the Kia Sonet

I had already booked a Kia Sonet HTX 1L Turbo with DCT. The DCT deliveries are struggling to happen. In the last 3 months, from the dealership I booked, there have been only 3-4 DCT deliveries which is surprising.

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I was in the market for a second car. This time around, I wanted to own a Sub 4 meter SUV. I had already booked a Kia Sonet HTX 1 ltr Turbo with DCT. The DCT deliveries are struggling to happen. In the last 3 months, from the dealership I booked, there have been only 3-4 DCT deliveries which is surprising. I presume that this is due to the lack of semiconductor availability? The reason I ask is, when I visited the Maruti Arena showroom to book Brezza ZXI Automatic, I was shocked to learn that the wait period is about 15 months for an Automatic. The sales advisor quoted the semiconductor reason for the wait time. I am not sure if that is true. Someone could please clarify that?

After some serious thinking I made up my mind to go with Brezza ZXI+ Manual. Frankly, I loved the new Brezza 2022. It appears big, its spacious from the inside with a 60 40 Split rear, and the interior fit and finish is way better than what we have been seeing so far in Maruti Suzuki cars. I own a 3rd Gen Dzire and I understand the limitations. I have now booked the new Brezza 2022 ZXI+ manual in blue single tone color.

What made me choose Brezza over Sonet?

  • I felt Brezza to be an all rounder, no nonsense and a practical car. The 1.5 liter engine is not peppy, but it is an effortless cruiser. I know that because my Dzire 1.2L K-Series is.
  • The engine due to the lack of a 6th gear ratio makes some noise at triple digit highway speeds, but that’s not a deal breaker for me. The engine sounds sweet. In my opinion, the cost of owning a car with 1.5 liter engine with a manual gear box is a more sensible choice than a 1 liter Turbo with DCT transmission. Definitely I can vouch for the former’s reliability and the subsequent peace of mind that I would have while owning it for a longer time. The resale value is something that I don’t have to talk about.
  • I love the 360 camera, HUD, the option of 6 airbags, the flawlessly functioning Suzuki Connect app, the 9 inch touch screen, a commanding seating position, the imposing stance, and the Mild Hybrid technology. The package made sense to me than settling for a Sonet mid trim HTX. I understand that I lose the convenience of an Automatic and a Turbo experience, but I believe the trade off was worth.
  • The mileage it promises is insane. And I know that Suzuki delivers on the mileage it claims, because I can see that on my 3rd Gen Dzire. Though the mild hybrid tech with 42v battery is not a great contributor, it still is in some capacity. No denying that.
  • The service is impeccable. Not once have I been disappointed with the service experience of my Dzire and prior to that my 1.3L Esteem VX. So I have no reason to believe that the service experience of Brezza would fail me.
  • Above all, the safety rating. Though I personally felt that Sonet’s build quality is well put together, I have reasons to believe that if crash tested, it may still get a 3 star like Seltos and Carens. I personally believe that Sonet might get a 4, but with the new Brezza, the car is definitely well built, sturdy and already a performer. I believe that Brezza could score a 5 star rating this time around.

For me, my Car has to be my second home. What better than Brezza? Definitely its priced a little higher, but when I consider the total cost of ownership including the fuel expenses, I think its a car worth considering if you are in the market for a sub 4-meter SUV. I may get mine in 2-3 months time.

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