Why I booked the 2022 Maruti Brezza AT for a family member

The 1.5L naturally-aspirated engine is more than enough for in-city drives & monthly runs to Pune at 80 – 100 kmph cruising speeds.

GTO recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Been test-driving the ’22 Brezza. Loved it so much that we’re booking it today for my bhabhi. Same colour as the TD car and the same (top) AT variant.


Compact SUV, local runabout, smooth AT is a must (strictly no AMTs), rough & tough use by 4 family members, should be reliable for 10+ years, features, safety, practicality, excellent after-sales service. The ’22 Brezza will be replacing a 10+ year old Swift.

Why we’re booking the Brezza

Loved the styling, comfortable ride quality (awesome suspension tune), smooth torque-converter AT, 4-star safety & features, can’t go wrong with a Maruti for long-term ownership & reliability, there is an exceptional dealer (Vitesse) and workshop in our neighbourhood.

What we didn’t like

Expensive (16+ lakhs for top variant in Bombay), sound system is poor for the price, still doesn’t have a lot of features of the competition (e.g. ventilated seats, powerful subwoofer).

What we don’t care about

Performance, due to the family’s requirements. Sedate drivers, hence the 1.5L naturally-aspirated motor is more than enough for in-city drives & monthly runs to Pune at 80 – 100 kmph cruising speeds.

Why others were dropped

Strictly no AMTs, didn’t want DCTs / DSGs due to suspect reliability over 10 – 12 years of ownership, didn’t want cars with complex mechanicals & expensive parts due to rough use, didn’t want a Kia Sonet as the same family already has one for another bhabhi.

Here’s what BHPian dkaile had to say about the matter:

Great choice, GTO. It’s been a favorite car of mine too since the launch of the face-lifted version. It’s a clear choice of head over everything else because the practicality and reliability of a Maruti cannot be surpassed by any brand today. And especially when I hear how owners are ready to compromise with poor AC and unreliable service of the newer Skodas/VWs. As for the cost, when a sparse Fortuner starts selling for 50L+ how can a humble Brezza stay behind!

I do feel that the base variant of the Brezza (at 7.99L ex-showroom) is the best choice in its range today as it can be easily bought home for less than 10L on road and gives the enthusiasts ample opportunity for customizing and upgrades like I did with my base Baleno and am still loving owning one even after 2 years of ownership.

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