Why I am dissatisfied with Toyota’s service costs & warranty procedures

They have informed me that my steering is cracked & will cost Rs. 80K to set right out of warranty.

BHPian rugsrags recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I own a 2018 Fortuner. Just sent the same for a 80k kms service. Had a broken side view mirror glass thanks to a reckless suv driver coming from the opposite side which needed replacement and apparently all wiper blade rubber were requiring a change too (Is it just me or is the quality of rubber used in wiper blades primed to deteriorate in a few months). The quotation for the service and replacement of the above has been shared to me for 20k! I wonder how Toyota is famed for being reasonable/ dependable and value for money!

The icing is that they have informed me that my steering is cracked. Now my vehicle has extended warranty but surprise surprise apparently after the standard warranty gets over the extended portion is outsourced and an external surveyor is required to come in and give approval to the dealer to approve the claim for submission to Toyota! At least that is what my SA has informed me since the car has been at the dealership since Saturday pending the steering issue! Also the said steering is an expensive part which has a cost upwards of 80k!! Now all of this is a verbal discussion but i just could not digest all this and penned down a mail to Toyota and decided to post this here and find out if our fellow owners were aware of these processes by Toyota regarding their extended warranty and of course the stupendously expensive cost of irregular parts!!!

In other news the SA also asked me where i drive the car because its still on its original set of brake pads with hardly any wear! So I don’t use brakes but use the steering enough times to crack it!

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