Which mid-size commuter cars you would like to see in India?

The current options in this segment either lack reliability or are overpriced for what they are offering.

BHPian SR-71 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

While we have come a long way from the humble Ambassadors and Premier Padminis to having the latest and greatest adorn our car showrooms, we are still behind many countries, even among developing nations, when it comes to choices. This is pronounced in the mid-level commuter segment. We are spoilt for choices in the Rs 1 – 20L (ex-showroom) price bracket and we have decent choices in the luxury segment. It’s the mid-level commuter segment that’s almost empty. Offerings in this segment either lack reliability or are overpriced for what they offer. It’s blatantly ruled by the European twins or the lone Japanese Elephant. However, this is a segment that is spoilt for choices the world over and we really don’t get much of it here.

So what cars you would like to see enter India in this segment? Please share your thoughts on this. Multiple models are allowed but please ensure that your choices:

  • are restricted to cars that make sense for the large populace interested in this segment
  • are restricted to cars that already have RHD offering
  • do not cover luxury brands
  • do not cover models confirmed to launch in near future (2022 Tucson for example)

Here’s what BHPian amol4184 had to say about the matter:

Mazda CX5, Kia Sportage and Hyundai Elantra N line.

Never driven the Elantra N Line but the true blue Elantra N has been receiving high praise from all across. Obviously, we won’t ever get it here so I will make do with the N Line which isn’t a bad car in any way except maybe Hyundai’s polarizing front end design.

As for CX5, the interiors are fabulous. All Mazdas have stunning interiors. If launched here, that car will sway people just based on the interior quality.

Sportage for Kia’s newfound design language. I just love mid-size to big Kia SUVs (Telluride is incredible but way too big) and Sportage finds a nice balance between small and too big. With Kia on a roll, Sportage makes sense.

Here’s what BHPian RohaNN_kWh had to say about the matter:

Not sure why the Sportage and Stinger were never launched!

When KIA was just opening shop in India, they had an event in Wheelers Club, Meerut and I went there along with my friends to see what this new brand is about, upon reaching I saw KIA Sportage, Carnival & Seltos parked with club members being shown the new cars. I loved the way Sportage looked (almost futuristic compared to what was available at that time) and was something that our market would’ve loved if priced competitively.

I also remember seeing a Stinger GT in NCR back then. Sporty looking sedan with nice road presence.

Off-topic but can we have Suzuki Jimny? Please.

Here’s what BHPian Doge had to say about the matter:

Any Mazda, really. I have been in the new Mazda 3 and MX5 and, oh man, they are such tasteful and high-quality cars and good value, too. Plus, they look gorgeous, have nice interiors and drive great, too. Add the Japanese engineering and reliability and you have some of the most complete cars around.

Next would be Euro Toyota’s. For example, CH-RV looks so cool and the quality is great, too. Hybrid is very efficient as well.

Here’s what BHPian vivekkp had to say about the matter:

I would love to see Dodge coming to our country. I know it’s wishful thinking but after having driven the Dodge Challenger, oh, its sweet engine note and response. Alas, 2023 is the final production year of this magnificent beast with Chrysler going to drop this icon due to their electrification plans.

Ok, coming back to reality, I know this is never going to happen with the current taxation in place.

Here’s what BHPian androdev had to say about the matter:

The problem we have is quality and not quantity. With govt taking 40%+ in the form of various taxes, it’s extremely difficult to offer the quality that a customer expects for the on-road price paid.

The cheapest car without much localisation is what one should look for if an overall premium feel is important. Such cars currently start at Tucson, Civic, Camry, Tiguan, etc. Even second-hand cars of such models feel better than new cars of localised models.

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