Watch: The ID.4 Off-Road Tested on VW’s WRC Test Course

Ehra-Lessing is a wonderful place full of wonderful things. May you come back as an Ehra-Lessing test driver.

Volkswagen’s in-house proving grounds is the site of a recent video featuring the ID.4—which is set to be revealed in just a few days on September 23.

The car is taken down a fairly unassuming dirt road to prove its off-road bona fides. All of which is fine, before it’s revealed to be Volkswagen’s testing grounds for its WRC cars—which you may recall were and continue to be absolute bwaps.

The video also covers the interior. Unlike the ID.3, where a focus on low price meant low comforts, the ID.4’s interior is a little fancier, a little warmer. It’s all in pursuit of a more premium feel, which can be provided given the crossover’s higher starting price.

Otherwise, though, it’s pretty standard MEB fare, all of which sounds great. We’ll be excited to see what the US spec car is like and what it looks like inside. A few weeks ago, Scott Keogh said he wanted the effective starting price of the ID.4 (that is, once you factor in tax breaks) to be in the low $30,000s.

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