Watch: Some GTI Driving Shots

A lot of the time, we try to contrive important-seeming reasons to post videos. This is not one of those times. There are driving shots of the GTI. We enjoyed them. We thought we’d share.

There are three new videos of the new GTI showing it:


Not driving

And not driving again but this time from the inside

The videos were published by VW but since they don’t provide an embed code we’re taking advantage of the good work that the fine people over at Carscoops did uploading them to YouTube.

As one of just two Mk8 Golfs that are so far guaranteed to be coming stateside (the other, of course, being the R), this is one of the few European VWs that is actually important to us these days.

We don’t expect to see a US model until next year, though, and probably not until it can be sold as a 2022 model. This might, therefore, be painful. But distance makes the heart grow fonder, they say, let’s just hope they were speaking temporally.

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