Watch: Saving the Last Manual R8 Ever

Although its V8 program officially ended in 2014, Audi is apparently nothing if not willing to serve its customers. This 2015 R8 V8 manual is the last manual R8 ever made. And it needs to be rebuilt.

The reason it needs to be rebuilt is that even though this is a significant supercar, it wasn’t treated like most supercars. It has 143,000 miles on the clock and many of those miles have been spectacular.

Belonging to Porsche Experience driver, Erik Dietz, the R8 has been whipped around the Nurburgring, Spa, and it’s been all over Europe and America. But not every mile was spectacular.

The R8, being one of Dietz’s most prized possessions, it became the last car he hung onto after mounting medical costs related to his wife’s breast cancer treatment forced him to get rid of his other cars. The R8 effectively became his daily driver until an engine problem made it underivable.

But Audi was willing to extend the life of the V8 once before and they’ve done it again, donating a long-block to Dietz while automotive journalist Freddy “Tavarish” Hernandez builds the engine back up.

In the end, despite difficulties, the whole thing comes together in time for Dietz to jump back into it and drive it 500 miles back to his home.

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