Watch a 495-HP C8 Chevy Corvette Go Head to Head Against a 640-HP Cadillac CTS-V

The (now-discontinued) 640-hp Cadillac CTS-V is a stunning work of art and engineering. But it’s a big boy. The 495-hp C8 Chevy Corvette, on the other hand, is lithe, lean and mean. So who wins in a drag race?

The C8 weighs in at 3,637 pounds and, with 495 hp, comes up with a weight-to-power ratio of 7.34 pounds per horse. The CTS-V tips the scales at 4,141 and leaves the box with only 6.47 pounds per horse. Of course, the midengine Corvette has all the weight behind the driver.

Then there are the tires—and drivers and transmissions—so it’s anybody’s guess who wins in the quarter-mile. Boys, take it away. And check out the FasterProms YouTube page for more Corvette content.

H/T: Motor1 via YouTube

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