VW CEO Shares Design Direction of Next-Gen Tiguan

The Tiguan is expected to get a facelift soon, but VW is already making decisions about the next generation, as a post shared to LinkedIn reveals.

Although the sketchy wheels and VW’s willingness to share this design suggest that this more of a design study than a final concept, it is still interesting to see what the company has in store for us.

In the post, as translated by LinkedIn, Herbert Diess writes: “Very convincing to me: the design of the new Tiguan and its sister models all over the world. Our currently best-selling model in the Group gets an attractive successor.”

More generally, the post is about how VW is moving forward with COVID-19. The requirements of social distancing put a hamper on every aspect of business, not just production.

“Today, for the first time, we decided on vehicle design directions online,” writes Diess. “Normally we meet either in our design center in Martorell or in the respective brand designs.”

If this design doesn’t look exactly convincing to you, there may still be good news. With the establishment of the North American Region, some design decisions will be left up to the regions, as Hein Schafer, VW USA’s Sr VP of Product Marketing and Strategy told us over the phone earlier this week.

When asked why VW is designing a new model to sit under the Tiguan in the US rather than just building the short wheelbase version of the Tiguan in Mexico, Schafer told us that external design was a factor.

The European Tiguan has “a very Eurocentric design,” said Schafer. “I think there is a feeling that the flavor for design in America is a little more aggressive. We’re pushing for more aggressive design.”

So, although this is the design “direction,” the final version will likely be different once it reaches dealerships.

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