Volvo S60 D5: 11 years & 90000 kms update

11 years and I still can’t let her go. If I have to better this, I have to shell out 60 to 80 big ones.

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11 years, 90000 Km update:

Its’ been 3 months since her 11th year anniversary. However, I delayed updating this thread to wait till the service gets over this year.

In November last year, the service indicator popped up. The alternator was due for replacement. This was carried out. The alternator itself costs 67,000. Some routine service was also completed and billed at 72,000.

I was told the rear brake pads would need replacement by 90000. So had the car picked up last month. However, on inspection they were good to go for another 5000km. Power steering fluid and coolant replacement were done instead and billed at 7000.

My service engineer also mentioned that a ‘ glow plug relay error’ was seen which may cause a cylinder to misfire. A faulty wiring seemed to be the cause. He could not find it in preliminary inspection. As I asked for same day delivery, this was postponed to another day as it was a minor issue. Honestly, I could not see any deficit in performance or change in engine tone. But this definitely needs to be addressed lest it causes bigger issues.

Recently did a bit of travel to nearby hill sites and resorts. Although most of the roads were well paved, this took a toll on the tyres. The Michelins I had changed to in 2019 had run just 21,000km and should have lasted longer. But the fact that I was running them on lower pressures (30psi), and the roads, may have accelerated their wear. I always change tyres a little earlier than when they reach the tread indicator level. I am a little overcautious in this matter due to bad experiences with tyre miserliness in the past with other cars.

Unfortunately, Michelin is not very active in India in the premium tyre space. The only Michelins that were available with my size were a year old. As per the advice of the tyre expert in our Volvo group, changed to Continentals. These were the Conti Premium Contact 5 of the same 225/55 R17 size. Cost around 45,000 (a tad cheaper than the Michelins). Surprisingly, these tyres seem to tolerate 32 psi without the ride being harsh. So these should last a bit longer I guess. Performance seems adequate for my driving with no noticeable difference in grip. But I am certain they will not match up to the Michelins on performance. The Michelins were also much better in muting tyre roar. This becomes very apparent while driving on stretches of roads with concrete layering or tiles.

That sums up 21′ – 22′.

11 years and I still can’t let her go. If I have to better this, I have to shell out 60 to 80 big ones. Car prices have gone ridiculously high with equally ridiculous waiting times. With her running as well as she is, makes no financial sense to invest in a new one (it never does anyway ). But if the market scenario recovers well, I am definitely considering a change soon. An SUV / Crossover – Petrol / Hybrid with 4WD/AWD is what I desire. As for now, my S60 will suffice for most occasions.

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