Volkswagen Offers 180-day Deferrals, 0 Percent Up to 72 Months

Volkswagen of America has just announced a new payment assistance option for buyers looking to pick up a new vehicle, as well as some help for current customers who are worried about financial stability as COVID-19 sweeps the country.

It starts with payment deferrals of up to 90 days, with no extra fees charged by Volkswagen credit. Lease customers can extend their existing leases by up to six months, and in certain circumstances, VW will waive past maturity fees.

For buyers of new vehicles, VW will give customers the option of deferring their first payment for up to 180 days. On top of that, zero-percent financing is available on terms up to 72 months depending on the model.

“We know this pandemic has caused significant stress and worry across America, and is putting financial strain on millions of households,” said Scott Keogh, CEO of Volkswagen of America. “We have a commitment to help our customers, our dealers, our employees and our communities in a time of crisis.”

Existing customers are directed to to request payment assistance or to extend their lease, rather than visiting a showroom.

Current customers who need service will also find a new pick-up and delivery program available that is run by dealers with the support of VW. They will also be able to accept digital signatures for transactions like warranty claims.

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