Video: If a driving school teacher is this bad, imagine his students

The driving instructor in the Alto overtook the Seltos from the left even though there wasn’t enough space to pass.

BHPian amitjha086 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

The incident in the above video happened in Nepal with a colleague’s car. He was driving a Seltos. The driver of the Alto was a teacher at a driving school.

Here’s what BHPian 88_TANK_88 had to say about the matter:

There is a driving school in my neighbourhood that I contacted to get driving lessons for my mother. Two days before her lessons were scheduled, I saw their car jump a signal, not once but 3 in a row. The instructor was egging the learner to jump if traffic was less.

I went to their office immediately, complained to the owner and told them if I ever saw them doing this again, I will report to the traffic cell as I have the videos from my dashcam. I also cancelled the lessons for my mother from them.

If the teachers themselves falter at the learning stages, how will their students fare when let loose in the world?

Here’s what BHPian Thad E Ginathom had to say about the matter:

There is no hope for the future.

Here’s what BHPian sunikkat had to say about the matter:

If the teacher is like this, can’t imagine his students.

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