USA: New anti-drunk driving tech for cars coming soon

The new technology is expected to be introduced sometime by 2026

Cars in the USA could soon come with a new technology that detects and prevents people from driving under the influence of alcohol.

According to a media report, the United States Congress has mandated automakers to find solutions for drunk driving incidents. Reports suggest that the Transportation Department has yet to find or come up with a technology that could prevent people from driving under the influence. However, once the technology is available, it will be rolled out across all cars on sale in the American market. It also suggests that the new technology is expected to be introduced sometime by 2026.

Currently, there is a technology in use that requires convicted drunk drivers to blow into a breathalyser connected to the ignition interlock. If the breathalyser detects high alcohol levels it will prevent the vehicle from starting. However, this isn’t considered a practical solution in the long run, as drivers will be required to blow into a tube every time they want to start their cars.

Instead, authorities are looking at other technologies that include infrared cameras monitoring driver behaviour. This technology will detect signs of intoxication, drowsiness and lack of attentiveness, which will then trigger the hazard lights forcing the driver to pull over on the side of the road. While the tech still allows the person to drive the car for a short duration, it is better than nothing.

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