USA: GM to test bidirectional charging technology on its EVs

EVs will act as on-demand power sources for homes during outages.

General Motors has announced that it will collaborate with California’s Utility company, PG&E, to test bidirectional charging technology. The test will consist of a pilot which will use EVs as an on-demand power source for homes and other PG&E areas.

The company stated that the pilot project will be introduced later this year and will initially focus on testing the EV’s vehicle-to-home compatibility. They will also focus on the home chargers, which will come with a transfer switch to accept the current.

The pilot project is said to have 3 phases, the first being the lab tests conducted by GM and PG&E. Following this, a small group of PG&E customers will be able to test the bidirectional charging connection at their own homes. In this phase, PG&E will initiate controlled power outages when the car is connected. Finally, the third phase trial, which will include a larger test group, is expected by end of 2022.

While the technology aims to allow customers to use their EVs to power their homes in the event of an outage, PG&E hopes that in the future, EVs will be able to stabilise the grid during a high demand period.

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