Update your current address, JPJ tells vehicle owners – paultan.org

The road transport department (JPJ) says that vehicle owners have to update their current address to ensure authorities can easily contact them, especially when notifications are sent out to owners after their vehicles have been seized by the department.

Kuala Lumpur JPJ director Mohd Zaki Ismail said that having a proper address would allow the department to identify the vehicle owner and carry out the appropriate action for vehicles impounded under Section 64(1) of the Road Transport Act.

This includes the release of the vehicle back to the owner when the case has been cleared, The Star reports. “A challenge arises when owners fail to claim their vehicles or do not receive the necessary notice due to address changes,” he said.

To resolve this issue, Mohd Zaki stressed the importance of vehicle owners updating their latest address.
He said failure to do so may result in seized vehicles being auctioned when owners fail to claim them.

Mohd Zaki said this yesterday at the Kuala Lumpur JPJ public auction, where a total of 96 vehicles with a combined value of RM214,690 were auctioned.

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