Upcoming bikes under Rs 5 lakh: Which of them are worth waiting for?

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BHPian AulusGabinius recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hi everyone, after getting the itch to go riding and watching Motovlogs on YouTube, I’ve started looking for a bike. When am I going to buy one? As soon as I can afford it. What will I look for? Well, that’s something more detailed to write about:

Add to that a budget not exceeding 5L on the road because of middle-class mental constraints, and that I’ll be keeping this for years, that’s the starting line.

Taking these points in mind, I’d say nothing on the market right now fits extremely neatly on all three needs. The ones I really enjoyed and still need to drive and try are:

But some things on the way might, and those are what I’m looking forward to:

I’ve also heard some rumours about a Bajaj Avenger 400, but no further news. And that’s it for me.

What is everyone here looking forward to, and why?

Here’s what BHPian GhostGrid had to say on the matter:

The RE Super Meteor 650 can satisfy your needs; it won’t deliver an adrenaline rush but will guarantee a comfortable ride. With high-grade parts and unquestionably superb ergonomics, the build quality is remarkable. Finding a comfortable riding posture is the only challenge. I’ve observed a lot of individuals having trouble with that forward stance. RE Himalayan & Scram 411 is the alternate choice; it satisfies all of your specifications, but you should double-check the power-to-weight ratio because I’m not confident of it.

Here’s what BHPian Axe77 had to say on the matter:

If I may make a slightly off-centre suggestion here. For potentially two large riders, you will be well served by a powerful machine, with a plush suspension and one which has decent level components on related aspects like braking as well as well as higher end tech specs.

To this end, perhaps you could also consider a pre-owned Versys 650 / V Strom 650? It will be a clear segment/segment and a half higher, will have more than adequate power, spacious and roomy seating for rider and pillion both combined with a higher segment safety and component spec. I think with a marginal stretch you should be able to get good used examples within the 5.5 – 6L mark.

Of course, in doing so you should be mindful of the increased upkeep costs also that come with such superbikes and make an overall assessment. But I do feel this will be a much better machine to own from all other perspectives. Between the two options above, the Suzuki might be relatively cheaper to maintain, even if it’s marginally costlier to buy.

From a brand-new vehicle perspective, I’d perhaps shortlist the all-new Himalayan 450. Going by the current-gen Himalayan, it should have a good quality suspension and the new engine will likely hold the requisite grunt to handle two-up riding with two heavy men. But this is ultimately conjecture at this stage and we’ll have to wait to see the final product later this year.

I really wouldn’t recommend the KTM 390s – they might be too aggressive for this use case – while the 310 GS will definitely feel underpowered. The interceptor is too small from a comfort standpoint and the Super Meteor is perhaps too low on GC for two heavy riders.

Here’s what BHPian pkothak had to say on the matter:

Have you looked at the new Domainar 400 BS6 second phase version? Which is available in some of the showrooms from April 2023. If your Budget is 5 L, I think it gives most of the features which the KTM 390 adventure is offering, of course, you would be missing the MTC and other Colorful TFT displays etc. But it doesn’t miss out on any basic features required for an adventure tourer. If we compare the price difference between the 390 Adventure (not Adventure X) and Dominar 400, there is a 1.2 Lakhs on-road price difference, with that amount you can get some nice essential accessories for your Touring and still save some amount for fuel to run few thousand kilometres. I would strongly recommend visiting your nearby showroom and taking a test drive. All the best and happy motoring.

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