TVS Announces Measures To Tackle Coronavirus

TVS Motor Company has announced key measures to tackle COVID-19 (Coronavirus) across its manufacturing facilities in India and Indonesia, as well as its offices across the globe. According to a statement by the company, the measures have been taken keeping in mind TVS Motor’s ‘people first’ philosophy, and the well-being of the employees is paramount to the company. To slow down the pace of the coronavirus transmission, TVS has announced a series of measures, focusing on employee safety, including work-from-home, and travel advisories.

Body temperature of all employees, vendors and transport associates to be monitored

To maintain a safe environment at the workplace, TVS Motor Company has announced work from home on a rotational basis in applicable offices. According to a statement by TVS, all employees have been sensitized on the importance and methods of home quarantine to ensure maximum effectiveness. Body temperature of all employees is monitored at the entrance of the TVS Motor Company premises, and it is also applicable to all vendors and transport associates. The company has also initiated a COVID-19 awareness program at truck parking area. All biometric systems have been suspended, and the company has also set guidelines for minimum occupancy of lift and lunch areas. Regular fumigation has been undertaken and automatic hand sanitizers are set up at all common spaces.

TVS has also suspended all domestic and international travel for employees, and all internal meetings exceeding 5 people have to be mandatorily conducted on video or telecon. External meetings have been indefinitely suspended. TVS Motor Company has also set up an emergency contact number for all employees, and dedicated resources will be available 24/7 to handle COVID-19 related queries, as per information approved by the Chief Medical Officer.

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