Triumph Speed 400: Overall fuel efficiency & performance on the hills

I have done the route to Lavasa on a 70 HP 650cc V-Twin motorcycle in the past but this was in no way an inferior experience.

BHPian antz.bin recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I reached 380km today. Fuel warning light lit up on the climb to Lavasa near the dam.

I went up, came down, went home about 50km away and then filled up in the evening. Total about 70km. Still just 9.75l could be filled after filling up to the brim. Distance travelled between the fills was 272.7km.

Overall efficiency tank to tank was 27.9 km/l. The overall FE being shown by the bike was 3.7l/100km. That is roughly the same as my calculated values. The DTE being shown at the time was 90. So that’s accurate as well.

I have babied the bike for about 30km and the only highway runs are between Warje Bridge and Balewadi Stadium in free-flowing traffic.

The bike is a delight on the curves but the curves themselves were littered with potholes on the Lavasa route. I think I should stick to Sagar Sheldekar’s routes and stick to Tamhini henceforth.

I am still getting used to the bike so I wasn’t particularly fast on the hills but I wasn’t slow by any stretch of the imagination (nobody there today could keep up whether going uphill or downhill). The way the bike climbs has to be seen to be believed. Totally effortless.

There is a lot of upskilling I need to do before I can well and truly say that I need an upgrade. Till then, this bike has all the power I need for now. I have done the route to Lavasa on a 70hp 650cc V-Twin in the past but this was in no way an inferior experience. If anything, this was more effortless since this is a much much lighter motorcycle with much more pliant suspension.

Here are some pics from the ride today.

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