Toyota says it is too early to focus only on EVs

Toyota is said to continue offering options such as hybrids and fuel cell cars, alongside its pure EV models.

While multiple automakers around the world have announced their plans to go electric with their product lineup, Toyota seems to have other plans.

According to a media report, the Japanese carmaker feels that it is too early to focus entirely on electric vehicles. Toyota Director, Shigeki Terashi, explained that between now and 2050, carmakers will need to offer multiple options apart from BEVs, including hybrid and fuel-cell vehicles.

Toyota had previously announced that the company will continue to offer multiple options in the market while leaving the purchase decision to the customers.

Reports suggest that Toyota is concerned that the production of batteries and electricity for EVs generates more emissions than that saved by the vehicle on the road. The company, hence stated that to truly reduce carbon emissions, carmakers must look at the entire production cycle and not just the tailpipe emissions.

Having said that, the Japanese carmaker does have electric vehicles in the pipeline. The company will introduce new EVs in the market, however, it will do so alongside other vehicles not powered by batteries.

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