Tow Truck Driver Arrested After Trying to Repossess Car With Family Still Inside

Car repossessions can oftentimes get hairy, but a recent repossession attempt in Woodbridge, Virginia got ugly real fast when a tow truck driver attempted to reclaim a vehicle with a family still inside of it.

According to WTOP, Mohaned Zyoud is facing charges for assault and battery, “attempted malicious wounding,” and a misdemeanor hit-and-run after he struck the car’s owner and tried to tow away a car carrying a woman, two children, and even their dog.

The owner of the car, a 25-year-old man whose name was not released, was reportedly running a quick errand in a nearby business establishment when the 23-year-old tow truck driver began attempting to tow his car away. When the owner saw what was happening, he ran out and stood in front of the tow truck to stop Zyoud from driving away.

During the altercation, Zyoud, an employee of A&A Towing based in the same city, allegedly struck the car owner with his tow truck. But to top it all off, when the car’s owner went to confront Zyoud, he punched the owner in the face.

According to Prince William County Police, Zyoud unhooked the car from the tow truck and fled the scene. Not too long after, police caught up with Zyoud and apprehended him. Thankfully, no serious injuries were reported.

He’s currently being held on $20,000 bail and is scheduled for court in September.

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