The Volkswagen e-Golf Is Dead

A Volkswagen spokesperson confirmed to Road & Track today the company has discontinued its all-electric Golf hatchback, the e-Golf. The spokesperson also confirmed there will be no Mk 8 version of the e-Golf. Instead, the company’s upcoming ID.3 electric hatchback will occupy that spot in VW’s lineup in Europe. We’ll be getting the ID.4 in America.

The e-Golf first launched in 2012 as an ultra-low production test vehicle. It wasn’t until 2015 and the Mk 7 bodystyle that the e-Golf saw full-scale production. Later models could achieve 125 miles on a single charge, and sprint from 0-60 mph in 8.5 seconds. According to VW, if you want a new e-Golf, you’ll have to procure one of the 2019 model-year cars currently sitting on dealership lots—America’s allocation of 2020 cars has been diverted to Canada.

If you were waiting for Volkswagen to introduce a new Mk 8 e-Golf, we’re sorry to disappoint, but it’s not coming. Instead, VW will fill the empty spot in its lineup with its new ID.3 hatchback, a purpose-built electric model. Packing futuristic looks, rear-wheel-drive, and a 341-mile range, it’s a massive step up from the e-Golf. But sadly, it’s not coming to America. Instead, we’re getting the ID.4, a larger crossover.

As VW’s ID electric sub-brand expands, we should start to see EVs from the German manufacturer come stateside. A crossover is likely the first to arrive. But for now, we’ll just have to wait patiently.

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