The Taycan Could Have Had a Higher EPA Fuel Economy Rating, But Porsche Chose Not To

Porsche chose to reduce its EPA range estimate to better reflect its own testing in Weissach, according to a report from Car and Driver.

According to the EPA Fuel Economy Guide, the Taycan Turbo S’s combined range was “voluntarily lowered from 200 miles.” That’s what led to the widely reported EPA range of 192 miles.

So why did Porsche choose to lower its range? According to Calvin Kim, a Porsche spokesperson who spoke to C&D, 192 miles is what Porsche achieved at its own test track in Weissach. It, therefore, decided to go with that figure, even though the EPA figure would have given it a much more pleasing 200 miles.

The story doesn’t address why Porsche was comfortable with the WLTP’s European range estimate of up to 256 miles, but Car and Driver testing (along with other real-world tests) has shown that the EPA’s number can be vastly outperformed.

Porsche isn’t the only manufacturer to have gone with its own, lower range estimates. Kia and Hyundai both volunteered to have the EPA publish range estimates that were a few miles lower than the EPA’s.

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